Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Necklace Finished!

The Art Bead Scene challenge inspired me to use colors I don't normally use. And I am very pleased with how the necklace turned out.

I got a little stuck putting the necklace together. Actually it was more a case of procrastination. That and fussing over it too much. I tend think about it too much and make the stringing process more complicated than I need to.

I spend to much time worrying about how to put a piece together instead of "just doing it". Sometimes, simple is better. I really enjoy using waxed cotton, waxed linen, hemp and leather. Perhaps it is because they are inexpensive materials I'm not so afraid to experiment.

I have more beads for at least one more necklace. I also have some beads that need to be finished. So I can play more with this. I have some shell heishi and dyed mother of pearl I may try to incorporate.

So, off I go to play!


  1. I love your poly clay beads! So pretty with that rustic, natural feel. Great ABS entry as well!