Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Work Space Redo

Well, the time has come - time to redo my little room.  And these are the official "before" pictures.

The room is small, about 10' by 10' and I have a lot to cram in there.  Basically painting, sewing, polymer clay, jewelry and knitting.  It would also be nice to stuff a computer, a TV and VCR in there (yes a VCR, lol).

The first picture show the east wall. And a bit of the back of "the painting".

The next picture shows the west wall and the closet.  I'm kind of thinking a office in the closet for the computer. 

But I need storage as well.  Some of the tubs could be emptied, if I had shelves.  One actually is, so why is it taking up space in my closet, lol.

And where to put the canvases.  They are so awkward to store. *sigh*

And the last picture shows my polymer clay table and the window. 

It's nice to look out the window and work, but it has problems.  The glare is pretty bad a lot of the time.  Also, I'm concerned about sun damage of anything I don't cover up.

Probably, the first thing we will do is paint the room. We bought a lot of paint at Lowes  last month while they were having a rebate. 

Next we will probably do the closet and see how much storage I end up with.

Right now we are tossing ideas back and forth about storage, tables, closet, etc.  We are going to eat lunch and go out and do some window shopping to get some ideas.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bead Show Haul

I'm a bit slow getting back into the swing of things.  Been home a week and I've just been lazy.  Here is my haul from the Portland Bead Fest plus a few random things from a bead shop in Hood River.

On the left are some hand died silk ribbons, chain, WireLace, copper beads, pewter beads and 4 Swarovski stars.

In the center are some inexpensive turquoise beads and a fossil (no clue what it is) sliced in half.  These came from Sparkling Creations in Hood River.

On the right are some glass beads, copper heishi like beads, Roman glass beads (just had to have them) seed bead size turquoise, seed bead size lapis and some base metal beads. 

Closeup of the fossil - it looks kind of like a chambered nautilus.  But, I don't really know what it is.

Close up of some of the beads.  The multicolor ones and cobalt blue ones I plan to use as accent beads with the polymer clay.  They have large holes and should work well with leather and other thicker stringing material.

Hopefully I'll get my butt in gear and have some new things to post.  I have a couple of little projects I worked on during the trip that I'm nearly done with.  Since getting home, I've made three, count them three, polymer clay beads.  I'm might even get them in the oven by the end of the year, lol

But,  I've been working on  the painting!  I actually stand a good chance of finishing it. lol

Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm Baaaaaack!

Mt. Rainier was awesome!  We were only there a few days, but we are thinking we need to go back next year for a longer stay.

The Portland Bead Fest was something else.  Oh my.  I've never been to a bead show before and I was overwhelmed.  I walked around in a daze for a bit. 

There were some absolutely beautiful lamp-work beads that I unfortunately couldn't afford.  If I ever generate some income, I will have to purchase some.  And speaking of purchases, I did make some. As soon as I get them photographed, I'll post a picture of them. 

And once I get myself back together, I'll get back at it.  For now, laundry awaits. I have an apple pie to bake for hubby's birthday.  Oh, and we have to go pick up the RV - new tires.  We left a lot of one poor sad tire somewhere along the highway. . .