Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spirit Girl Jewelry and Art

This week's featured shop by the Artfire guild, "Shops With Less Than 10 Sales", is Spirit Girl Jewelry and Art.  Check out the guild blog for more information about Spirit Girl and her wonderful jewelry and art.  While you are there be sure to enter the monthly giveaway - just leave a comment on the blog.

Here are a few of Spirit Girl's beautiful jewelry pieces.  I love the rich color of this bracelet featuring lapis lazuli.

This necklace would look great with dressy blue jeans!

Lovely triple strand cross necklace!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wine labels and Zentangles/Zendoodles

I finally managed to get some scanning done.  YAY!  Hooked the scanner up to hubby's system and e-mailed the pictures to myself. 

I'm mostly done with the first bunch of wine labels.  Although, I need to design some more for wines that are currently in the carboys.

Next, we need to get ink for the printer.  Always something, lol! I still have hopes of labeling the wines before we drink it all!

I also got all the
Zentangle/Zendoodle bookmarks and ATC's scanned in.  I've been playing with the colored pencils and they are perfect for doing these!

I'm wanting to do a larger Zentangle.  Much larger. I am at my most dangerous when I start to think, "How large can I make this?"

Zentangle ATC

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge

Each month the blog, Art Bead Scene, has a monthly challenge.  Participants create jewelry based on a specific piece of art.

The March inspiration artwork is "Sacred Spring, Sweet Dreams" (1894) by Paul Gaugin.

For once, I managed to finish something before the end of the month!  I was inspired by the tropical colors and the desire for warm (hot) weather!

I am so sick of the cold weather - Tahiti sounds pretty good right now!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shops With Less Than 10 (Part 2)

As a follow-up to yesterday's blog post, here are some more wonderful items from the rest of my guild-mates in the guild "Shops With Less Than 10 Sales".

Remember, to leave a comment at the Shops With Less Than 10 Blog for a chance to win the monthly giveaway.

Items today are from Spirit Girl Jewelry, Shiny Cat Creations, Judy Cogo Designs and Signs of Elegance.

Lapis Gemstone and Gold Tone Bracelet, by Spirit Girl

Turkish Mocha Chocolate and Coffee Goats Milk Soap, by Shiny Cat Creations

Mother of Pearl Irregular Large Shards Necklace, by Judy Cogo Designs
At the Seashore Rules Word Art, by Signs of Elegance

And some computer follow-up.  Scanner is a big fail.  Lets see scanner wouldn't work with older computer because it was too old.  Scanner won't work with new computer because it's too new.  It's enough to make me a crazy crazier woman.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shops With Less Than 10

This week, I thought I would share some of the lovely work from one of the ArtFire guilds I belong to - Shops With Less Than 10 Sales.  At the moment, we are a small guild - 8 9 members.  Once you hit 15 sales, you graduate from the guild. And we have and a few graduations recently!

Lots of wonderful work from my fellow guild-mates. However, like me most of them have less than 15 sales.  But, we will!  Today, here are items form VA Beach Quilter, Aussen Wolf Designs, Too Fancy and Keri Mae.  Follow the links and check out their shops!

Also, check out the Shops With Less Than 10 blog and leave a comment for a chance to win the monthly giveaway!

Grandmother's Quilt, VA Beach Quilter

Blue Turquoise and White Magnesite Necklace, Aussen Wolf Designs

Russian Wave Woven Bracelet, by Too Fancy
Miniature Felted Bunny by Keri Mae

One other note, I love my new computer. Just wish we had better internet provider options. Anyway,  I finally finished loading all my software  (I think) yesterday.  Hopefully I'll get some scanning and photo taking done today or tomorrow.  Maybe this will encourage me to finish some things - like the wine labels and the banner for my ArtFire studio.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More challenge Entries

More entries from the Polymer Clay Smoosher's nature challenge.  What is really interesting to me, is all the different interpretations of "nature".  So much fun! 

Palm Trees, Ocean Waves and Turtle by Tree Sea Originals

Sunflower Pendant by 2 Good claymates

Love Tree Mini Sculpture by Christina's Studio

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Zentangle/Zendoodle Bookmarks

I've been making Zentangle/Zendoodle bookmarks off and on the last few weeks.  I plan to scan them in when I get my new computer. It's such an pain in the neck using this poor old worn out machine.

The bookmarks are fun and quick to do. Okay, the color ones are a bit time consuming, but still fun.  And good practice for my feeble color pencil skills!

Hopefully being able to scan with out the hassles will get me to finish some things - like the wine labels and the banner and avatar for my Artfire Studio.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Shops With Less Than 10, Too Fancy

ArtFire Guild, Shops With Less Than (10) Sales, has a new giveaway for March. This months prize is a camera/cell phone/gadget case from Nacyanne Quiltworks.  Leave a comment on the blog to enter the giveaway!

Check out some of the wonderful jewelry from Too Fancy, the featured shop this week at Shops With Less Than!

She lists this as a bridal bracelet, but it so classic! It would be lovely for dress wear, or fun to wear with blue jeans!

This is a pretty  necklace with Aurora, Godess of dawn!

And I love the pattern and color of this Russian Wave bracelet!

And a miscellanoius note -

Well, it has finally happened.  My husband got sick of listening to me whine and complain about my computer. I mean, it's only what, 9 years old? I have a duel boot system set up so I can boot to Windows 98 if need...

So he ordered all the bits today to build me a new computer! YAY! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Finished Necklaces for the Challenge!

Finished! Yah! First, here is the necklace I decided to keep.  I still can't believe how much time I spent on it yesterday!

Here are the other two.  Both are listed in my ArtFire Studio.

I'm wanting to play with this some more, make some more beads and work out some more ideas I have with this theme.  This was fun! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Smoosher's Challenge, Continued

I spent all day putting together a necklace for the Smoosher Challenge. All day!!! I even forgot to eat!  I think I spent more time untying knots on the durn thing than I did tying them! Well, I did finally finish it. And I'm thinking I'm going to keep it. Which makes it ineligible for the challenge.

I still have two days. . .

Here are some more entries from fellow Smooshers.
Octopus Sculpture by Colt Pixy

Carved Owl Necklace By River Valley Design

Decanter with polymer clay and fair trade coffee leaves by ArtFairly Aware

Broach with Green Flowers by Averilpam