Friday, March 4, 2011

Shops With Less Than 10, Too Fancy

ArtFire Guild, Shops With Less Than (10) Sales, has a new giveaway for March. This months prize is a camera/cell phone/gadget case from Nacyanne Quiltworks.  Leave a comment on the blog to enter the giveaway!

Check out some of the wonderful jewelry from Too Fancy, the featured shop this week at Shops With Less Than!

She lists this as a bridal bracelet, but it so classic! It would be lovely for dress wear, or fun to wear with blue jeans!

This is a pretty  necklace with Aurora, Godess of dawn!

And I love the pattern and color of this Russian Wave bracelet!

And a miscellanoius note -

Well, it has finally happened.  My husband got sick of listening to me whine and complain about my computer. I mean, it's only what, 9 years old? I have a duel boot system set up so I can boot to Windows 98 if need...

So he ordered all the bits today to build me a new computer! YAY! 

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