Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wine labels and Zentangles/Zendoodles

I finally managed to get some scanning done.  YAY!  Hooked the scanner up to hubby's system and e-mailed the pictures to myself. 

I'm mostly done with the first bunch of wine labels.  Although, I need to design some more for wines that are currently in the carboys.

Next, we need to get ink for the printer.  Always something, lol! I still have hopes of labeling the wines before we drink it all!

I also got all the
Zentangle/Zendoodle bookmarks and ATC's scanned in.  I've been playing with the colored pencils and they are perfect for doing these!

I'm wanting to do a larger Zentangle.  Much larger. I am at my most dangerous when I start to think, "How large can I make this?"

Zentangle ATC

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