Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Smoosher's Challenge, Continued

I spent all day putting together a necklace for the Smoosher Challenge. All day!!! I even forgot to eat!  I think I spent more time untying knots on the durn thing than I did tying them! Well, I did finally finish it. And I'm thinking I'm going to keep it. Which makes it ineligible for the challenge.

I still have two days. . .

Here are some more entries from fellow Smooshers.
Octopus Sculpture by Colt Pixy

Carved Owl Necklace By River Valley Design

Decanter with polymer clay and fair trade coffee leaves by ArtFairly Aware

Broach with Green Flowers by Averilpam


  1. Doh! You're not supposed to keep it lol

  2. I know. But I have a couple more laid out on my work table. I still have today and tomorrow. o.O

  3. Well I hope we are going to get to see it anyway!!
    Thanks for featuring my brooch :)