Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Work Space Redo

Well, the time has come - time to redo my little room.  And these are the official "before" pictures.

The room is small, about 10' by 10' and I have a lot to cram in there.  Basically painting, sewing, polymer clay, jewelry and knitting.  It would also be nice to stuff a computer, a TV and VCR in there (yes a VCR, lol).

The first picture show the east wall. And a bit of the back of "the painting".

The next picture shows the west wall and the closet.  I'm kind of thinking a office in the closet for the computer. 

But I need storage as well.  Some of the tubs could be emptied, if I had shelves.  One actually is, so why is it taking up space in my closet, lol.

And where to put the canvases.  They are so awkward to store. *sigh*

And the last picture shows my polymer clay table and the window. 

It's nice to look out the window and work, but it has problems.  The glare is pretty bad a lot of the time.  Also, I'm concerned about sun damage of anything I don't cover up.

Probably, the first thing we will do is paint the room. We bought a lot of paint at Lowes  last month while they were having a rebate. 

Next we will probably do the closet and see how much storage I end up with.

Right now we are tossing ideas back and forth about storage, tables, closet, etc.  We are going to eat lunch and go out and do some window shopping to get some ideas.

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