Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Room is Officially Painted

We finally finished painting!  We cleaned up the mess and moved some things back into my craft room. I already had hubby help me rearrange the furniture. And will probably do it again.

Hubby still has the shelves to build for the closet, but I can move some things in and get back to "work"!  We are still thinking about the closet, shelves and a work table for the polymer clay.  And a bookcase.

But, in moving things back in, I was able to find enough tidbits to put a necklace together for the Claypen Chat tomorrow.   I made the pendant some time ago, but wasn't totally satisfied with it.  It was supposed to be a sun, but it looks like a sunflower.  Ah, well.

It felt nice to get something finished.  And, I am much happier with the pendant now that it's part of a necklace.  I could probably nit-pick a lot of the parts of this necklace.  There are quite a few things beads included that didn't turn out as planned.   Oh, like the yellow bits that are supposed to be faux amber.

But, taking all those separate bits and building something with them makes them all feel whole.  I find a lot of times if I put things away for a while, I feel different about them later.  Things I didn't like, I do like after all.  And vice versa.  Sometimes it really helps to put something away for a time.  But not always, there are things that suck no matter what I do!

I went yarn shopping and bought some more yarn for my fae project.  I lovingly hand wound balls of yarn and then put them in a basket.  They look so nice in the basket, I don't want to do anything with them.  Just look at them and pet them from time to time.

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