Friday, June 17, 2011

Crawling Out of a Creative Slump

Once again, my muse has abandoned me.  She does this far to often.  Right now, I'm fighting tooth and nail to get out of this creative slump I've been in.

Perhaps you have noticed my new blog banner?  I'm not completely happy with it.  It looks okay enough on paper, but it's not quite working for me as a banner.   The flourishes around the text are too distracting.  Also, its to large to fit my scanner bed so I ended up photographing it which yielded a less than optimal digital version. 

I'm redesigning a "new and improved" version, sans flourishes.   And I'm doing it in a manner that will allow me to scan the separate bits in and put it together in Photoshop (I hope).

On the jewelry, polymer clay front:

I put together this stretchy bracelet a couple of days ago using "Stretch Magic" to string it.  This was fun to make!  I want to make some more and see how well they wear.  It is simple to wear - I love not having to deal with the clasp.  And it's more comfortable (to me)  than a bangle type bracelet. I'm just not sure about how the Stretch Magic will wear.

And as I type, I'm anxiously awaiting a Fire Mountain Gems order and hopefully that will get me fired back up! Hurry up, Fed-X!!!

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