Thursday, May 26, 2011

Polymer Clay Makes me Smile

Polymer clay is such a fun and expressive medium. It is always fun to look at what my fellow 'Smooshers have been up to.  So many talented individuals each with a unique voice.   The versatility of Polymer clay never ceases to amaze me.

Desert Rubble's Steampunk jewelry and accessories always make me smile! This steampunk angelfish is so fun. 

Steampunk Angelfish by Desert Rubble

Tamed's  mini-sculptures (doll house sized) are sweet and whimsical!  Who can't help but smile at this guy?
Miniature Dog Figurine by Tamed
Maybe it's the spring mood I'm in, but this leafy necklace by Emily Claire Creations put a smile on my face!  Earthy and expressive combination of polymer clay, beads and copper.

Spring Leaf by EM + Mad (Emily Claire Creations)

Chocolate - who can't smile at that! Wonderful mini iced chocolate cake by Hafina's Minis!

Red Velvet Milk Chocolate Iced Cake by Haffina's Minis


  1. Great choices! These a ll make me smile! =)

  2. You picked some smileworthy items! :-D

  3. These make me smile, too! I couldn't agree more about the uniqueness and versatility of the smooshers, it's amazing group, inspirational!

  4. These make me smile too. I love your choices