Sunday, July 17, 2011

Exploring seed beads

For the past couple of weeks I've been trying to expand my "beading horizons" so to speak.  I tried some new (to me) things with seed beads.  This first bracelet utilizes a "Cellini spiral" technique which is based on "peyote spiral" stitch.  I like how it turned out, but the beading on this was a little tedious. 

I used a product called "FireLine" for the beading thread.  It is actually fishing line and is used a lot in  beadwork. This was my first time using it.  It comes in two colors, clear and smoke.  I used clear, and the thread shows quite a bit in this bracelet.

The next bead experiment is this  "waterfall" necklace. I absolutely love how this turned out and it was so much fun to make!  I plan to make more. 

The instructions for this necklace are on a YouTube video by tsummerlee.  At the end of her video she shows some of her necklaces and they are absolutely gorgeous!

Last item is a bracelet I made based on a tutorial in a  Beadwork magazine from a couple of years ago.  I like how it turned out, except but you can see the thread in some places (although you can't see it in the picture).  I would like to make some variations of this, but it bugs me how much the thread shows.

I have some other beading projects I have in mind to try out. I'm also hoping to work on some polymer clay this week.  Gardening and canning really got me sidetracked! Also, there are lots of changes that will be happening at ArtFire, and I really need to get serious about working on my studio/shop!

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