Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Banner

Finally, I think I'm done.  This darn banner has been making me crazy(er)!  I finished the artwork for it last night and scanned it in.  I've spent way too much time on this.  Seriously, WAY TOO MUCH TIME!!!

Unfortunately, there is a lot of detail in the lettering that gets lost when sizing down for the banner.  I had to  do some serious Photoshop editing, which was pretty traumatic.  I think I might of caused my daughter a "World of Warcraft" death or two with my non-stop Photoshop questions!

I still need to work on an avatar - this is the one I originally created.  I like it, but it is not working as an avatar.  The fine details look awful when shrunk down to avatar size.  Also,  the colors aren't as intense as the ones in the banner.

I've been working on this banner and avatar forever!  I'm wanting to upgrade and revamp my ArtFire studio/shop .  Well, they are making some changes that forced me to finish this up.  So, it 2-4 weeks, my ArtFire shop will have a brand spanking new look!  But, for now my blog has the new banner.

One other thing, we picked more cherries today - 65 pounds!  So, I may be busy canning the next couple of days. . .


  1. Your new banner is gorgeous! I've been working on mine for Artfire's new look and now I have to resize it for my Folksy shop and my website.

  2. Thank-you :) Looking forward to the big ArtFire update!