Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finished projects

I created this necklace to enter in the Enchanted Adornments Design Competition. I'm hoping it is mixed media enough.

After a lot of fussing over this one, I ended up making it a single strand. I was just trying to add too much to it. The main body of the necklace was strung on silk cord. The cord is attached to a base metal (no idea what kind) chain. The clasp is fabricated from gold colored copper wire.

I have a few other things completed as well. I finished five pairs of earrings, and said what the heck and entered them in the competition as well.

I also finished the entry for the Art Bead Scene monthly challenge.

First, I created a polymer clay texture sheet inspired by Kandinsky's "Improvisation No. 23". Next, I conditioned Sculpy Premo in blue, red, yellow, white and black; and then mixed some of each color together for a marbled effect.

I used the texture sheet to create the textures on the pendants. I hand rolled an assortment of beads Some were texture with the sheet, some were textured with a ball stylus, and some have added hand rolled "snakes" of polymer clay (what extruder?).

After curing I added a patina of burnt umber acrylic paint. And on a few of them I added a cream color patina as well.

The necklace is strung on leather and silk. Each pendant is strung with seed beads and a Swavrski pearl. The clasp is fabricated from copper wire.

The Kandinsky necklace went together much easier than the prior one. There was a lot less fussing on my part. I also was not trying to force it as much. I pretty much laid the beads out on my board and it pretty much just came together.

Two things:
1. Less fussing and worrying.
2. Practice, practice, practice.

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