Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Slowly Getting Things Done

Yes, I do have a pasta machine!  And I fired that puppy up a couple of days ago (okay, turned the hand crank) and fired up the toaster oven and made stuff! 

I finished one necklace just in time for Claypen Chat.  My working title for it is "Desert Snow".

I'm trying to get a couple of things together for the Art Bead Scene challenge for January. 

And I'm running out of time! So this may have to be it.

I'm just having a hard time focusing right now.  I am getting some things finished, but I seem to be taking longer than I should.

I finished Thorn Rainbowfly last week!  This was the most fun knitting project ever!

I made polymer clay buttons for her.  And did a little beadwork on the danglies.

I'm mulling another knitting project around in my brain.  A desert snow queen fairy.  But, It will be in less expensive yarn.  Thorn Rainbowfly just about broke the bank!

But, I need to finish some other random things before I start another knitting project.  And, I also need to start planning the February Bead Journal Project.  I'm thinking reds.  February.  Needs reds.


  1. Wow Connie, I love Thorn Rainbowfly a LOT! How great that you did the beads for the danglies, they are cute. You already know that I think the necklace goes with a bikini on some young thing (you?) at the beach in July!

  2. Jackie, lol. I'm not wearing a bikini at the beach or anywhere else.

    The necklace was supposed to be wintery/snowy but ended up looking beachy. Oh well, lol.