Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Post of 2012

Woo-hoo! First post of 2012! Happy New Year!  Err, wait, what do you mean it's September already?  Okay, so I'm a little slow.

Yeah, a bit of a prolonged creative slump.  I have been doing some spinning and knitting off and on over the last few months.

These autumn colored yarns that were hand dyed and handspun by moi, I'm using for a vest knit along.

The pattern is "Riverstone" from JaneThornley.  The KAL is being sponsored by her group on Ravelry.  I believe you have to be a member to access any of the groups/forums on Ravelry.   (I'm Desertwind on Ravelry, btw)

I'm currently finishing up frogging the vest (I was nearly done) so I can start over.  It was way too big!

Here is another knitting project I'm working on.  This is a square for a blanket I'm working on. (It's in bad need of blocking!)  All of the yarns are random wool yarns from my stash.  Most it has been dyed or overdyed with Kool-Ade. 

This pattern comes from another Ravelry group called Horst Schulz Fans. The "bowties" are a good cooler weather project.  Knit them up and then put them all together when the weather is warmer.

Well, that's it for now!  See you next year!  Okay, just kidding.  I have some more things to post, once I find batteries for the camera.

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