Sunday, September 23, 2012

Polymer Clay for Fall

Well, its been, what a year?  I pulled out some polymer clay and let it set a few days (you know to kind of ferment). 

Kato Polyclay is very strong after curing, but is a pain in the a--- err neck to condition.  It calls for specialized equipment to begin the conditioning process.

Each little package got a thorough beating with the hammer.  Then it was off to the pasta machine to finish conditioning the polymer clay.

I also added a little orange to the purple and a little purple to the orange and red.   Here are the the conditioned colors.  Well, mostly conditioned.  The copper color in the bottom left corner was fairly uncooperative.

Okay, so now you are probably wonder what I going to make? Good question. I have no idea.  Stay tuned!

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