Sunday, December 5, 2010

Finishing Things Up

I have a few completed jewelry items I need to upload to my Artfire Studio, so I will be working on that today (I hope).  Completing items is the easy part. Photographing and then adding them to my Studio is fairly time consuming.

I've a couple more things on my jewelry work table, and then I'm going to have to attack some polymer clay and make more pendants, beads and what-not. 

Yesterday, I received part of my order from Dick Blick. Unfortunately, it's not the part I really, really need.  What I really need is the the acrylic paint - I'm out of red, yellow and blue!

I have a palette of leftover oil paint from the large painting I just finished.  So I started a small (8" x 10") abstract oil painting.  Paint is just way to expensive to let go to waste!

Guess I better get to work!