Friday, October 15, 2010

Freeform Friday

Gads, it's been one of those kind of weeks.  Well, I've been plugging away at my knitting project for the KAL sponsored by Jane Thornley.  The ladies over in the forum at Ravelry have been producing some beautiful items.  Wish I could link to it, but the way Ravelry is set up, you have to join to see anything.  If at all interested, I would recommend joining - it's free!  A lot of knitting, crochet, spinning info and free patterns!

I took a progress photo of my project, and YUCK!  The green circle looks awful!  It actually doesn't look as bad as the photo makes it.  Guess I'm going to have to do some frogging. . .

On to polymer clay beady things.  Don't these beads remind you of the roar of the ocean, taste of salty air, cool ocean breezes on a hot summer day?

Bummer.  They were supposed to be evocative of cold crisp snowy mornings.  I guess I just don't do snow very well in general. . .

I've been playing with making patchwork leaf pendants. I'm thinking strung simply on leather cord.  But, there is always the chance I will change my mind.  I'm still pondering them. Not sure if they look leafy or just plain weird.

Well, right about now my brain is mush.  Probably something to do with the cold I have, blech. Mush, or not, I need to do some ArtFire things (or at least attempt to), so off I go.


  1. I actually love those polymer clay beads, and wasn't thinking beach, but was thinking desert with a setting sun to almost dark sky - does that make sense? Regardless, they're awesome!

  2. Yes, it does. Hmm, going to have to think on that a bit.

    Thank-you :)

  3. I love the polymer clay beads too, and I think either interpretation would be good :)
    The leaf things look a bit like some sort of cocoons - about to hatch out into wonderful winged insects!

  4. Averilpam, thank-you :) I'll admit the leafy pendants didn't come out as leafy looking as I intended! :)