Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Wild Side

The big cats have always intrigued me - they are so beautiful!  As an adolescent I liked to copy (draw) pictures of them.  I always had to get the spots and stripes exact!

Nowadays, I am always a sucker for animal prints - especially leopard, jaguar, tiger and cheetah.  I have a couple of animal print coats, animal print skirts, and a bunch of animal print fabric.

Some of my fellow "Smooshers" have taken inspiration from the beautiful big cats and have created some wonderful beads and jewelry!

A pair of exotic leopard print earrings from 2 Good Claymates.I think these could be casual or dressy.  A girl can never have to many earrings!

Tiger stripe beads from Clay It Again.
Make your own! For starters,  I'm thinking the square beads would make cute earrings. . . Did I mention, you can never have too many earrings?

You can never have too many bracelets either!  Especially bangles. A bengal bangle bracelet (say that 10 time fast) from Gingerbells

A big and bold  leopard spot bead is the focal for this funky necklace from Into the Dawn


  1. Gorgeous pieces! And I agree you can never have too many earrings!

  2. I don't think there is such a thing as too many earrings. Beautiful pieces!

  3. Thanks Haffina, Dulce Tesoros and Coltpixy for stopping by my blog. Smooshers are doing so many beautiful things, I had a hard time choosing what to post!

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous pieces, awesome post! I have always been awed by the big cats, such beautiful majestic creatures, these pieces really capture their essence.

  5. Great pieces. I'm not too fond of animal print usually but I think you've swayed me!

  6. I also love animal print esp the big cats...gorgeous. My kids are always making fun of me and have said if I appear in public in some tiger skin etc they'll disown me!! Great post.

  7. Desert Rubble, Dee and Imprintcreations - Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    And thank-you everyone for the kind words - it is very encouraging!