Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Monday!!

I’m afraid I didn’t get much done last week – I had a nasty cold that slowed me down a bit.  But I’m working on  getting over it, so I hope to get more created, photographed and uploaded this week.  I did finish one  necklace, that I should get it in my ArtFire Studio today.

Check out the monthly give away at the “Shops With Less Than 10 Sales Blog”.  A pair of lovely earrings create by "Jewelry By Andrea". Just leave a comment on a blog to enter the contest.

Okay I need to go - my Muse is screaming at me!


  1. Glad your are feeling better. I guess now is my turn, been under the weather since Saturday. I just want to get better

  2. I've had weeks like that glad you're on the go again. The necklace is great. All your stuff is great, very unique.

  3. Dulce Tesoros, thank-you and I hope you feel better soon! I'm nearly over it, hopefully this week will be more productive than last week!

    Imprintcreations, thank-you for kind words!