Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bracelet Fail

Yesterday I was sitting at the Master Food Preservers' Booth at the fair, when the bracelet I was wearing broke.  It was strung with elastic beading cord (don't remember the brand).  I made a couple of bracelets to wear and test to see how the elastic cord holds up.  And well, this is a big fail!  

I'm glad I was test wearing before just jumping into selling elastic bracelets.  Selling something like this and having it fall apart would plainly suck!  I'm not sure what I did wrong.  I tied a square knot and added a touch of glue.

I have one that I was ready to finish off, but now I'm going to have to figure something else to do with it.

I'm bummed about it.  I really like the continuous look with no clasp.  And they are comfy and fun to wear. 

Not sure if I didn't tie it correctly or didn't glue properly, but, well, dang.


  1. How annoying! I've made a few elasticated items and sold a couple which (so far) I've had no complaints about.
    I'm wearing a watch I made with an elasticated bracelet. Because it's not a complete circle I used necklace calottes to attach the elastic to the watch. The metal loops keep coming undone but the elastic is intact. I sold one watch like this so I'm hoping the owner isn't having this problem! I probably won't make any more this way.

  2. The elastic seemed like a good idea, but I'm frustrated with it now. Maybe I'll retry it again in a couple of months. I really like the continuous look for bracelets.