Saturday, August 20, 2011

Finished Mokume Gane Cabochons and Beads

Here are three finished mokume gane cabochons.  I did some pretty aggressive sanding on them with some 320 grit sand paper.  I have never sanded quite so aggressive as I did with this batch, and it really helped in getting a nice smooth surface.

I then worked my way down to 1000 grit.  I originally buffed a couple of them with my Dremel for a shiny finish.  And I didn't like it - I prefer the satin finish.  So, I resanded with 1000 grit and buffed with a soft cloth.

And here are some finished beads as well.  I'm working on some coordinating beads in solid colors with mica powder highlights.  My plan is to make an autumn themed necklace for the current Polymer Clay Smooshers challenge.

I probably won't get anything done tomorrow - I'm judging at the county fair! It's part of the Master Food Preservers Program I am involved in through the WSU extension.  I will be judging home dried foods.

I'm also working the Master Food Preservers booth three days next week.  So I may not get this necklace finished until later in the week, or maybe next week sometime.

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