Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Working on my ArtFire Shop

I have been spend a lot more time working on my ArtFire shop.  Over the weekend, several new changes that the ArtFire folks have been working on went live.  I finally got to update my banner and my avatar.  I think my shop looks better, but I'm still not thrilled with the avatar. But, I'm going to live with it for now. 

My original goal was to get 100 items in my shop.  I'm sitting at 80.  The last few months of allowing frustration to get the better of me has not helped my shop (or sales). 

But, I'm back on track!  I'm slowly reworking my descriptions.  And making notes of pictures I need to retake.  I now realize that working and re-working listings is just part of maintaining my shop.

And speaking of reworking, I have a few items themselves that could stand some "upgrading".  I redid a necklace a couple of days ago that I haven't yet listed.  I had created it last spring from some polymer clay disks:

The picture doesn't look as bad as the real thing did.  That green cord was harsh! Really, really harsh! I can't believe I used that green! What was I thinking!  Well, I redid it with brown cord and it looks loads better:

It's much softer color-wise and blends in instead of smacking you in the face.  I do like in-your-face color, but in this instance is wasn't working. 

I've have a few now listings in my shop and I hope to get more things listed in the next day or two.  I also plan to finally get some small abstracts listed as well.  I'm still working on the photographs of the paintings.  I may try scanning the ones that will fit on the scanner bed to see how that works. (Dreading the shuffle things around, cord trip hazard, scanner tap dance.)

Well, I had better get to work, hadn't I!


  1. The redesigned necklace just ozzes earthy elegance now! Good luck on your studio (it's a never ending process it seems!) and hope many sales come your way!

  2. Ooops! I meant "oozes" not "ozzes" although that sounds kind of cool!