Saturday, January 22, 2011

Creating New Bannar and Avatar

Woo-hoo! Was able to scan a few things!  Hubby put an adapter on my mouse, so I could plug it into the old PS/2 mouse port instead of a USB port.  Booted to Win. '98 (ack) and it worked!

I'm working on some ideas for a new banner and avatar for my ArtFire Studio. I'm thinking of something like this sun for my avatar.

Here are two earlier sketches as well. I'm thinking I lke this one the best of the three.  I plan to do it on watercolor paper, probably 8" x 8" . The reds need to be a little darker however.  Sometimes, watercolor and I are not the best of friends. . .

This last one is a really rough sketch for my banner.  Ignore the word "designs", it is way too small.  I may use photoshop to add that bit of text. 

The big problem I'm having is the ratio - The artfire banner is 1000 pixels wide by 200 tall.  I think I'm going to have to do it at 10" x 2" so it will fit the scanner bed.  But, that small, is doodling the letters a bit of a pain.  So, I'm still thinking on this.


  1. Enjoy the creating...what you're considering looks pretty good!