Monday, January 24, 2011

Zentangle/Zendoodle Box

My Zentangle box is done! The doodles on it took next to forever!

It's made from cheap card-stock from Walmart. Except for the doodles, it was quick to construct.  I can see potential for constructing little custom boxes (in my spare time, HA!).

I've started wine making last spring.  And, I'm ready to bottle a few things (as soon as I round up some corks).  And those bottles are gonna need some labels!  So, I'm working on some Zentangle label designs!

Fun, fun fun!

(Thought about drinking the wine and skipping the bottling.  Then thought better of it.)


  1. the box is GREAT and Zentangle wine bottle labels...very sophisticated!

  2. Love the box - one of my favorite things to do with zentangles - giving gifts in them is always a hit. Can't wait to see your wine labels how cool

  3. Thank-you :) I'm spending WAY to much time Zentangling!