Thursday, January 27, 2011

Watercolor abstracts

I was looking for my watercolor paper blocks and found some water color abstracts.

This is my favorite of the bunch! I'm thinking I need to do a larger painting (acrylic or oil, haven't decided yet).

Watercolor makes me nuts (or more nuts) sometimes.  I inevitably put down too many washes trying to get darker.  I end up taking up paint instead.  You probably can't tell from the photos, but some areas in this painting are kind of messed up.

I'm not a "happy accident" sort of painter.  I want it to do what I want it to, not what it wants too.  So watercolor and I usually battle.

Which begs the question, why on earth was I looking for my watercolors and watercolor paper in the first place? 

This next one, the colors, the almost cubist feel - I'm thinking Picasso in Hobbiton. . .


  1. Wow, the colors are amazing. Lovely.

  2. Like both...especially the colors in #1...

  3. Thank-you! I really want to do a larger one of both!