Monday, January 3, 2011


I broke in one of my small sketchbooks! I recently (over the weekend) discovered something called Zendoodles or Zentangles.

Zentangle is copyrighted and more information can be found on their Website and Blog. Basically, it's doodling brought to a whole new level!

There is quite a bit of information out there, and apparently it's been around for a little while. (How is it I've never heard of it before?)  This blog by Suzanne McNeill has lots of beautiful examples and a "Zentangle of the week"

Besides Zendoodling, I'm also back at making more jewelry. I finished 3 pieces today and hopefully I'll get a couple more finished tomorrow. I need to take more photos and do some photo editing before I can post pictures.

I plan to start adding more items to my ArtFire Studio in the next day or two.  I really want to hit the 100 mark! 

Okay, off to doodling (it's a bit addictive) before I go to bed!

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