Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Learning to Focus

I am just all over the map arts and craft-wise. I just have this urge to try everything. I was working the local county fair a couple of weeks ago and there was a local group demonstrating spinning.  I was fascinated - it looked so cool!  I did a little web surfing to price spinning wheels, and that put a stop to that urge right then and there.  Dang they are expensive!

But that illustrates a problem I have, I want to try just about everything.  Okay, except maybe glass blowing.  That would be way to much work for me.  But it's fascinating to watch.  Forging is interesting to watch also, but I'd be willing to give that a try.

See, what I mean? Just sitting here blogging and I get side tracked.  Focus,dang it, focus! To get my Etsy and ArtFire shops started, I really need to focus.  I need to build inventory, and for that I'm going to focus on polymer clay jewelry.  I can add other types of jewelery later.

I'm going to have to balance my business with other things in my life. Make some goals, do some scheduling and planning.  All which goes against my nature.  I want to get up in the morning and see what I "feel" like doing.  And I end up with too many projects half done.

I have some pillows and other sewing projects I'm going to have to back burner for a while. To get this going I have to really narrow my focus for a while.  And do some serious prioritizing.


Now then, here are the beads I made over the weekend.


  1. Wow, those beads are really pretty. Lovin the purple.

  2. Thank-you :) Purple is my favorite color!