Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday's Inspiration

Autumn.   Cooling weather and shorter days.  I watch the landscape as it prepares for its winter nap.  While the last flowers are displaying their finery the fall leaves prepare to steal the show. The nippy morning air has a sweet taste.  I can sense winter preparing to return.

These sweet treats came from our backyard.  We have 4 mini dwarf apples.  Sweet, crunchy and pesticide free!

I planted some Merlot grapes this year.  They have a few grapes on them this year.   I'm hoping for wine in a couple of years!

I have a couple of Rugosa roses.  Everything I read about them indicated that they have fantastic rose hips.  Of course none of what I read ever said they are like giant thorny weeds trying to take over the world. 

And what inspirational blog about autumn would be complete without red leaves?  (Shhh, don't tell anybody I cheated.  This is Japanese maple that is red all the time.  Our big maple doesn't have red leaves yet.)

Have a great weekend!

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