Wednesday, September 29, 2010


These started out to be bookmarks, but they are to thick to function well as bookmarks.  So now they are pendants.

I'm not sure about all of them, some of them I like more than others.  But, I love playing with texture!   No molds here!  I have a few basic tools, and some home made texture sheets. 

There are also random household items such as crumpled foil, sandpaper, paper towels, screws and whatever else I can find.

Just building the texture with polymer clay isn't enough.  It needs something to highlight the texture and make it stand out.

Sometimes  I add "Perfect Pearls" before curing.  It is a mica pigment powder that adds a metallic shine.  Also this particular brand "contains a binder that permanently adheres to polymer clay" so it is permanent (unless you put way too much on - Ask me how I know).

But, I'm finding that doesn't always bring out the texture like I would like.  Also, the pendant on the right, it's to much all over shiny silver.  Kind of boring.

The other thing I do is add a glaze or two of acrylic paint, usually burnt umber.  I also use the metallic colored paints to highlight and give a metallic look.

I applied acrylic paint to the silver pendant so that it now looks like old bronze.  I like it much better now!


  1. Wow I love these I'm a big fan of texture and layering especially on polyclay it's takes the texture so well.