Saturday, September 25, 2010


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I was hoping to make every Saturday “Inspiration Saturday”, but it’s not happening like that yet. I have some ideas for it, but I need to do some research. I don’t have time at the moment. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll get that rolling.

I had a nice serendipitous moment in my home studio this past week. I was attempting a polymer clay version of "mokume gane" It is a Japanese metal working technique that gives metal a wood grained look. More about the technique at:, Mokume gane.

Judie Picarello is polymer clay artist that has adopted this technique with awesome results. Here is a picture of some her work. The patterning, is beautiful. Her technique is flawless. I love the copper tube accent!

Take a look at her flicker photostream for more of her wonderful work: Julie Picarello

I of course attempt this technique from time to time. And my results are usually less that stunning. The best description would be dreadful. This weeks attempt was typical. I rolled the mess into a ball, attacked it with a tissue blade. 

Pardon the crummy picture, but for some reason these beads do not want to be photographed!  I'm really pleased with the patterning on cylinder shaped bead that is in the center top of the picture.

I got called up for jury service on Monday.   Not particularly looking forward to it.  I know, civic duty and all.  But this is my fifth or sixth time. And I have beads to make, dang it.

Guess I better quit complaining and get at it.

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