Sunday, November 21, 2010

Color Recipes for Kato Polyclay

Some time ago, I made faux bones from polymer clay.  I have used up most of those faux bones making jewelry and need to make more.  And I forgot how I mixed the color for them, so I had to go searching.

What I found was a  page of Kato color recipes  And a color mixing chart as well. And then another page of Kato recipes!  Although I think most of the recipes are the same on the two pages.

I'm thinking of gradually working through some of the recipes and making some color charts. 

Oh, and the bone is 1:1 white and ecru (on the Kato color recipe pages) that is then layered or rolled into a cane with translucent.

I'm going to have to flex some muscle and get out some special equipment to condition the Kato clay. . .

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