Saturday, November 20, 2010

A little of This and That

Premo is Doing What?
Polyform announced on their Facebook page some color changes that they are making to their Premo polymer clay. They are adding some new colors and discontinuing some others. Included in the colors being dropped are the primary colors zinc yellow and cobalt blue. And things are getting lively over their if you want to go look.

I'll probably be using more Kato Polyclay anyway. The new Hobby Lobby carries it, so it will be much easier for me to purchase without having to order it all the time.

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving approaches - I did a kitchen experiment today. I know, scary!  I tried out a vegan pumpkin pie recipe. What I ended up with was more like pumpkin pudding, but it tasted pretty good!  I can have a pumpkin dessert on Thanksgiving! YAY! I haven't had pumpkin pie in years (allergic to eggs; can't tolerate dairy anymore).

Featured Studio
Jewelz Creatives is the featured Studio for "Shops with Less than 10 Sales", one of the guilds I belong to on ArtFire.  She has some whimsical cat toys for the discriminating kitty!  These are all filled with her own organic catnip.  She also has squeaky dog toys (don't tell my dog, Rosie), grocery bag storage dispensers and other fun items in her studio.  Her catnip toys really make me smile! 

Squiggles the Zombie Kitten

Organic Catnip Toy Egg

Blue Snowflakes Christmas Stocking Catnip Toy

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