Friday, November 19, 2010

November Challenge

Each month Art Bead Scene has a challenge based on a specific piece of artwork.  This month's particular piece is Tree of life, Stoclet Frieze by Gustav Klimt.

I'm fairly pleased with how the pendant looks, and I'm thinking of making a couple more.  However, I'm a little stuck on putting it together.

I'll give it a bit of rest and look at it with fresh eyes in a couple of days.  Looking at some of the entries, I'm a little intimidated. But I can't let that stop me! I'll never get anywhere if I let that sort of thinking control me!

The other thing big on my mind right now is Thanksgiving - I've go a lot to do between now and then; cleaning (ick, yuck, bleck) and cooking.  So if I go a bit AWOL from my blog it's because of that.

Here is the menu for Thanksgiving:

Ham (for the non-vegetarians)
Stuffed acorn squash with molasses (with soy sausage)
Stuffed acorn squash with molasses (with rice)   
Wild rice with apricots, figs and walnuts (vegan)                   
Baked beans (vegan)             
Broccoli casserole (for the non-vegans)
Broccoli and mushrooms(vegan)
Mashed potatoes (regular)
Mashed potatoes (dairy free)
Bourbon sweet potatoes (vegan)

Cherry delight (for the non-vegans)
Vegan pumpkin pie

Triple berry liqueur

Lets see, there will be four of us, so I will be making food for about 20 people.
And I probably won't cook again until sometime next year. . .


  1. Thank-you :)

    I really want to finish it, but I ran out of antiqued copper wire. I need to antique more with liver of sulfur, but I have to do it in an unheated garage and it was 5 degrees this morning. . . O.O