Monday, November 15, 2010

Craft Store Crawl

I went to the grand opening of the new Hobby Lobby. Nice store and really busy!  They have a nice selection of polymer clay.  On sale no less!  Need to check my inventory first and go back in a couple of days.

I do hope they are getting in more oil paints; the selection was a little sparse. 

I did buy a couple of things.  I'm thinking the table easel will be nice for working on smaller paintings. And it looks like I'll have to do some table rearranging.

I also stopped at Michaels. Just for laughs, I thought I'd check the polymer clay. I've had a rain-check for black Premo polymer clay for about a month now and they still don't have any. 

The only thing they have there that isn't at the other craft stores is Windsor Newton oil paint.  And the only way I'm buying it there is if I have a 40% coupon and I'm in desperate need of a specific color.  Otherwise, I'm ordering online.  Interestingly, the W/N oil colors are in a locked case.  They have gotten that expensive. . .

And of course I stopped at Craft Warehouse.  Bought a couple of things there as well.  I wanted the little metal paint tray for polymer clay.   I plan to use it to bake pendants to give them a convex shape.

And the itty bitty canvases are so cute.  I'm thinking abstract painting pendants.  However, the quality of the canvases is marginal at best, so I only bought 2.  I could make something of much better quality if this works.

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